Elektrische Ausrüstungen für Bergbaumaschinen und -anlagen


The KHLE 70 is a very powerful low voltage cable handlamp.
Three versions can be offered: input voltage 12 V or 24 V or 42 V.

EEx - cable handlamp KHLE 70 EN      



EEx de IIC T3   for version 24 V und 42
EEx de IIC T4  for version 12 
approval according: 94/9/EG
BVS-Nr.: BVS 03 ATEX E 279   

technical data

main voltage:
operating wattage:
protectio category:


12 V
55 W
appr. 2,5 kg
IP 54
EEx de IIC T4


24 V
70 W

EEx de IIC T3


42 V
65 W

example of use    

The lamp can be used for inspection-, maintenance- and cleaning operations in all hazardous areas zone 1, group IIC, temperature class T3.
The version 12 V / 55 W can also be used in temperature class T4. 
- chemical industrie
- boiler plants
- silos
- puritication plant
- canalisation
- mobile illumination for vehicles





The strong lamp housing is made in light metall and is covered by a security protection glass. The lamp body is protected by a hexagon rubber ring. The cable will be connected inside the hand gripp on which a cable glant PG 13,5 is mounted.
The lamp can be supplied with a cable and a plug (according customer specification).

Normally the lamp will be supplied with bulb and leather-strap. 




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