Elektrische Ausrüstungen für Bergbaumaschinen und -anlagen

CONTROL- AND MONITORING PANEL for use on movable mining mashines 

control- and monitoring panel STP 150


EEx ed [ia] I

BVS-Nr.: 99.E.1044

admission: EG-Richtlinie 94/9/EG
(ATEX-100a) applied.



The control- and monitoring panel STP 150 can be used on movable mining mashines in connection with a motor-control-unit to activate the monitoring circuit in the main power-supply unit.

Additionally it is fitted with a intrinsically safe emergency-off switch and six intrinsically safe push-button switches for controlling several functions on a mashine. A special version with an alarm-horn can be supplied.

The strong housing is manufactured in stainless-steel. In case of a damage, the different switches and push-buttons can be removed fast and easily.

The STP 150 was designed for use on electro-hydraulic loaders and combines the different type of switches which normally have to be mounted on the mashine in just one compact housing. 



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